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Happy Ditto

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At Happy Ditto, we've been trying to find a product that compliments Trust Journals.  We are overly excited to be able to add Brave Gowns to are our list of products to get donated to enhance children's spirits during a time of need!  For a preview please check out the video!   I am honestly very proud of the product, the vision and how the video feel into place.  Everything in life happens for a reason.  We hope to make millions of children not only communicate with adults, but to also feel BRAVE & have hope during one of the scariest times of their lives!  CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE BRAVE GOWN VIDEO


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What is a Brave Gown? A Brave Gown is a gown that a child will wear when going through a treatment that scares them, a horrible shot, a spinal tap, an MRI, an x-ray, a long hospital stay or just a moment that they need to feel BRAVE!  One of the biggest reasons kids love superheroes is the sense of control and power they have on the world.  For superheroes, anything is possible. We want children in the hospital fighting even the toughest disease, to put forth their best fight and conquer what battle they're fighting. Whether a child's favorite superhero is Batman, Superman or Cinderella while wearing a "Brave Gown" they will believe that can take on any illness!

Brave Gowns are hospital gowns that are screen printed like costumes and make children feel brave!  When a child walks in to a room for a procedure and they get asked what their favorite character is, they will get to choose which "Brave Gown" to wear.  Mickey Mouse, Batman, Superman, a pumpkin, Elf, Princess, a musician, a cheerleader, etc...anything that represents a piece of the child's personality!  No more dingy pastel gowns that make these kids feel hopeless.  Children will feel in control and strong like Superman, happy like Mickey Mouse or cool as a cucumber like their favorite rockstar! 

Children have very limited control in their daily lives and especially when going through treatment for an illness.  Becoming a superhero will allow them to access some sense of power during this scary time.

What inspired me to make Brave Gowns?

More than 3 million children are hospitalized in the United States. Every 33 minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer and that's just one reason that children are admitted to the hospital.

Twelve years ago on Halloween, my family became one of those statistics. Little did we know we were about to be faced with the fight of our lives.  My brother, my only sibling, was only 10 years-old.  I was 15 years-old older than him.  We went from an office visit directly to the fight of our lives that ended up with us spending over a year in the hospital.  I wish my story had a happy ending and I can tell you that my brother lived, but he is in heaven.  He fought a battle that they said was impossible, but he beat it. In the end, he went to heaven due to a medical error. 

My favorite memory of our journey was the following year once again on Halloween.  My brother was in the PICU (Pediactric Intensive Care Unit) and couldn't go Trick or Treating.  He was laying there in a dingy pale yellow hospital gown that looked like it had been washed hundreds of times.  There was nothing festive about it.  It did not represent his personality or the holiday that he so loved!  So I painted his face like a zombie.  We were laughing so hard while I was painting it.  Life felt a bit "normal" during this horrible time, but then we got in so much trouble!  His skin practically peeled off, but all I could see behind it was his smile! He was so happy.  

Around Halloween of this year, I saw a picture of my friend's daughter that is now going through treatment and she was posing in her gown with a caption that read, "Maya trying to rock her blah hospital gown before her spinal tap!" That's when the idea of Brave Gowns hit me.  Hospital gowns make you feel like just a number.  They do not reflect these children's personalities.  They do not bring hope!  

What is my vision with Brave Gowns? 

Everyday child should be wearing a Brave Gown in every doctors office, dentist office and hospital around the world!  No one really understands how or why a positive attitude helps people recover faster from surgery or cope better with serious diseases such as cancer.  Mounting evidence suggests that these effects may have something to do with the mind’s power over the immune system.

"Children age 3 to 4 years find it difficult to differentiate between reality and fiction and, as such, the trait of superhuman strength is completely believable to them," says Dr Amy Bailey, clinical psychologist at Kids First Medical Center, Dubai.  I want children off all ages to know that they are strong enough to fight anything that comes their way.

How am I going to get Brave Gowns in every Pediatric Hospital and Doctor's office?

Well, that's where I need your help!  I have a background in manufacturing so I know what it's going to take to get them out there. It's going to take a lot of work, but it's something that I believe in 110%.  I remember my brother's eye lighting up when I turned the mirror around and he say that he looked like a zombie.  It's that memory that will give me the drive to put a Brave Gown on every child that wants one.  Especially with the DTG (direct to garment) printing being over-sized, there will be challenges.  I want the ink to be bright and vibrant.  I want every child to know they have the strength of every superhero that they represent.

The Brave Gowns will be distributed three different ways.  One directly sold to Doctor's offices, Dentist offices and hospitals that have the means.  Second they will be sold online for families and friends to buy if they know of a child that is fighting an illness.  They may want multiple gowns depending on what mood the child is in that day.  Lastly, they will be able to be sponsored through my non-profit, Happy Ditto, by personal donors, businesses, corporations and other organizations that want to sponsor/donate Brave Gowns directly from them personally. 

The funds raised will be used for the business end, marketing, the website, the sample line, the initial manufacturing and the outreach to raise awareness of Brave Gowns.  Brave Gowns will be distributed under a 501(c)3.  I am doing this for the love of children and the belief that these gowns will change the outlook for a lot of these families at a time when they just need a little hope.  I believe that these gowns will make a huge impact on the children's outlook when they enter the hospital and make light of a horrible situation. 

Please help me put a "Brave Gown" on every child with an illness or that was involved in a tragic accident. Together, we can help them feel strong and brave when they are going through the fight of their life! No child will feel down while wearing a "Brave Gown!"

What is a Trust Journal and How Do They Make a Difference?

Trust Journals are a physical, confidential journal that is meant to be shared between a youth and an adult. Beginning with a certificate of trust that must be signed by both parties, Trust Journals give youth a safe space to share what's on their mind. Trust Journals act as a bridge to resolve any issue or problem together.  With pressures of social media, unrealistic body images, online bullying, and child suicide rates soaring, today's youth are grappling with hard issues that have no easy answers. 

Through journaling, they can tackle these issues and find a voice when they might not have one in their day-to-day life.  With good communication skills, a youth will take better control of  situations and be more apt to experience healthier relationships as an adult. Trust Journals can be purchased on our website. Happy Ditto also believes that EVERY child should have a Trust Journal, and donates Trust Journals to organizations that serve youth. Purchase or donate a Trust Journal today! It's never too early to build a trusting relationship with a child!