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Current Projects

It is our goal to get as many Trust Journals and Brave Gowns to as many children as we can that are battling a terminal illness and as many Trust Journals as possible to the siblings that are watching from the sidelines and too afraid to speak their feelings verbally. Every year 3,000,000 children are hospitalized in the US. Donating these amazing products to hospitals such as St. Jude and Shriners is only a start to the difference we want to make in the world.

I write this with a heavy heart, my hopes to make a difference and a request for support.  Three years ago a 6th Grade boy from Lincoln died while playing the "Choking Game."  Well it has now resurfaced as the "Pass Out Game" and hit close to home. I personally found videos of a large number of students from four Santa Monica schools posting videos of the Pass Out Game" on social media.  When I say I am passionate about helping keep tweens/teens safe from making poor decisions, I mean it.  The age group that it has hit hardest is the 6th & 7th graders.  While this is really a game of Russian Roulette, this is alarming on so many levels, but the one that disturbs me the most is that they are posting it on social media. They have no idea the repercussions of this.  They think that videos go away via Snapchat, but they don't. Plus, it takes three children to play and film the "Pass Out Game." One to be willing to pass out, one to hold the others chest and one to film it. If the child dies, the child holding the chest will be charged with some type of manslaughter and the one filming is an accomplice.  Have I mentioned that 70% of the videos I saw were 12 year-old girls? 

It was so disheartening to watch. I am working on a PSA to raise awareness of effects of social media, but I also want to be able to hand out Trust Journals at the SMMUSD Pier Party. Of course the journals would be donated on behalf of your organization. 

If you can help, please do!  It's a really great way to raise awareness and make a difference.  What my daughter has written about all this in her Trust Journal this week has not only been a huge eye opener, but she looks so light and free. I'd really love to help as many other families as possible.  As a community it's our responsibility.

Thank you for considering to helps sponsor a dollar amount of Trust Journals to help make a difference amongst children in our community. You know how much I appreciate it!

                                                                                           PLEASE DONATE NOW!

November Was National Suicide and Bully Awareness Month and Happy Ditto was proud to partner with Carol Todd and The Dr. Phil Show to donate 300 journals on behalf of The Amanda Todd Legacy! 

I want to express a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that jumped on board and supported Happy Ditto in November!  As we said, we work closely with organizations that bring awareness, education and promote positive change to children, parents, and educators in response to the ongoing bullying and cyber-bullying in our children’s daily lives.  In many instances, when the pressure becomes too much to bare bullying and suicide go hand in hand.  Young people with mental health problems — such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, or insomnia — are at higher risk for suicidal thoughts. Teens going through major life changes (parents' divorce, moving, a parent leaving home due to military service or parental separation, financial changes) and those who are victims of bullying are at greater risk of suicidal thoughts.  Our goal is to get every child to communicate through Trust Journals, to alleviate the feeling of being alone or holding on to too big a worry.  With that said, Carol Todd is also gifting Trust Journals to a local church choir in Canada.  If we continue to do our part, together we will make the world a better place for children everywhere!

IT'S NATIONAL CHILDHOOD CANCER AWARENESS MONTH! Happy Ditto has a goal of donating 200 Trust Journals to camps run by Children's Oncology Services, Inc such as their One Step program which helps families of children fighting childhood cancer. 

We currently have 100 Trust Journals donated and need to get to 200! Help us by donating a Trust Journal today!  We will continue to work on this until our entire goal is met!


In Summer's words:

"This has always been what I hoped my main calling would be with the Trust Journals. I was fortunate enough to be in my 20's when my brother was in the hospital. I saw all the families with younger children and saw firsthand the affect that it has on the entire family. We need to get 100 Trust Journals donated as soon as possible to One Step. Please help us reach our goal by donating today. You'd put an actual journal into the hands of a child that is struggling to find their voice during this horrible time. Make a difference today!"

Thanks to all who came out to support us at Barnes & Noble in Santa Monica! You can still support Happy Ditto by shopping online until 8/28 at At the payment page check the box for "Bookfair order" and enter code 11410750

A HUGE thank you to actor Michael Harney from Orange is the New Black for supporting us with his first ever live chat to benefit Happy Ditto! Thanks to Wizeo, and all who joined us on the live chat!

Orange is the New Black 's Michael Harney

Orange is the New Black's Michael Harney

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